What To Expect When You Visit Mountain Bay Dental

Do you experience irrational fear when visiting a dentist? The Journal Of Dental Hygiene says that roughly 50 to 80 percent of American adults have some form of dental anxiety. Our team at Mountain Bay Dental has earned a reputation for professionalism and for providing personalized care. Our specialists will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

Fearful of Going To The Dentist? We Are Here to Help

The fear of visiting the dentist is a critical concern because it compels patients to avoid going for routine checkups. Regular screenings are essential for your dental health. The process helps detect the subtle signs of oral health problems.

Skipping your appointments could have far-reaching implications on your dental health. You may get gum disease or decay as a result of chronic avoidance. However, you don’t need to fear visiting our dentist. Our specialists provide sedation dentistry and personalized treatment plans.

What to Expect at Your First Dental Appointment?

When you visit our dental practice, our team will be ready to receive you and guide you through the process. We will usher you to our dental hygienists in Los Gatos, CA., for an exam. The exam involves X-rays to have an in-depth view of the oral cavity and discuss your symptoms.

Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth and respond to your queries. Your teeth and gums must be healthy before undergoing any dental procedure. We discuss the treatment details if the diagnosis suggests you need a restorative procedure. After treatment, you are also offered post-op instructions to help you recover.

You Will Have Rights and Responsibilities Being Our Patient!

Our family-focused practice caters to all patients. Our goal is to safeguard the oral health of the family. We believe in empowering our patients via patient education.

You can expect our specialists to listen keenly to your concerns. When you visit Sample dentistry, we will present you with options after an evaluation. We will consider your needs and preferences in the final treatment plan. Our team will protect your rights and responsibilities as a valued patient.

Stress Not! We Offer Major PPO Plans

During your appointment with our dentist, our staff will assist you in filling out your insurance documentation. We can help you submit the insurance forms and maximize your benefits.

Our practice is committed to ensuring you can access affordable care. We are a PPO network dental office who have agreed to lower charges or fees. Our dental team cares about your long-term oral health.

You can rely on  Mountain Bay Dental for comprehensive care for you and your family in Los Gatos, CA. Contact us today!

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