The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Endodontist

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Endodontist

October 1, 2022

Do you currently experience any persistent tooth pain or sensitivity? Or have you recently had dental trauma, facial inflammation, or inflamed gums? If so, it might be time to slot in an emergency visit with our emergency endodontist near you.

There are many things you can put off addressing; however, persistent tooth pain is not one of them. Our endodontist can help you get to the bottom of this dental issue and ensure you stand a chance to alleviate the pain and save your natural tooth.

But what exactly does an endodontist do, and what is endodontics all about? Let’s look at this phenomenal aspect of dentistry and what you need to consider when choosing an endodontist.

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a section of dentistry that focuses on all dental issues affecting the pulp and tissues within the tooth. Endodontics offers treatments designed to resolve and treat the soft pulp tissues within the tooth and save the affected natural tooth.

Endodontists are trained and certified to handle and treat diseases, trauma, and infections that affect the dental pulp. The pulp region of the tooth is enclosed and protected by the enamel and dentin layers above it.

However, in case of severe tooth decay or dental trauma, the pulp section with the nerve endings and blood vessels becomes exposed. The exposed pulp section can become infected, damaged, or inflamed, causing serious and persistent tooth pain, sensitivity, and abscesses.

When this happens, you should visit our emergency endodontist near you for medical assistance.

What Does an Endodontist Do?

An endodontist is trained and certified to treat and resolve all dental issues that may affect the pulp region of your tooth. An endodontist is a specialized dentist who saves teeth from unnecessary extractions.

They are qualified to carry out dental procedures such as root canal treatment and other endodontic surgeries to save the affected natural tooth from a possible extraction.

An endodontist uses specialized procedures to precisely and accurately view and treat the innermost layer of the affected tooth. These procedures are employed to save affected natural and give our patients a chance to maintain their smiles and oral health.

What Education And Qualifications Does an Endodontist Need?

A dentist must have specific qualifications and accreditations to practice endodontics in Los Gatos. An endodontist must complete a four-year dentistry program and earn a degree. This four-year degree program will involve hands-on training that is mandatory for one to become a specialist.

After this four-year degree program, they have to undergo a two to three-year program that zooms in on endodontics. This additional period will allow them to learn all the things they need to know about the pulp and the dental issues they anticipate encountering in their field.

Certified and qualified endodontists are not that many. Only about three percent of dentists are endodontists.

Why Choose a Qualified Endodontist?

You might be wondering why you should organize to see a qualified endodontist instead of a general dentist in Los Gatos when you have a pulp-related dental issue. Well, here is why.

  • Lasting Implications on Your Oral Health

Opting to see a general dentist over a qualified endodontist for a root canal treatment can have lasting implications on your oral health. An endodontist can provide you with the specialized dental care you need to ensure that the pulp-related dental issue is resolved and your oral health is restored. There is nothing as painful as a failed root canal treatment.

A general dentist may not be able to resolve the issue, which may cost you your tooth altogether. General dentists, unlike endodontists, are not trained to save teeth and may decide to perform an extraction that will forever change your smile and overall oral health.

  • That Certification Makes a Big Difference

General dentists can perform root canal treatment; however, due to their lack of training and specialization in this particular field of dentistry, it is fundamentally easier for them to mess up such a procedure.

On the other hand, a qualified endodontist can perform these sensitive procedures and guarantee that the affected tooth will be restored and that it functions once again.

  • Experience Is Key

Qualified endodontists perform, on average, about 25 root canal treatments weekly. This means they have encountered different root canal dental issues and can offer a more comprehensive diagnosis and root canal treatment.

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