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Ligaments are the mouth tissues that hold your teeth in place. Teeth can move if you complete your orthodontic treatment and fail to wear a retainer. In most cases, teeth retainers are worn at nighttime. Our dentist will always review your personalized retention plan to avert future tooth shifting and orthodontic relapse. After receiving your braces or Invisalign® at Mountain Bay Dental Implants and Orthodontics, we advise that you return for teeth retainers in Los Gatos after your teeth have been aligned.

What Do Teeth Retainers Do?

Orthodontic retainers prevent your recently aligned teeth from moving to unwanted positions. After investing in orthodontic treatment in Los Gatos, the last thing you want is to let the teeth shift back to their original misaligned positions. When undergoing orthodontic treatment, your teeth get loose; when the treatment is completed, they are not yet strongly anchored. The reason is that after the treatment, it takes time for the gum tissue and bone to attach around the roots firmly. As such, you will need to wear retainers after braces.

Types of Teeth Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment

There are two types of retainers after braces; fixed and removable. We utilize both in our practice. A fixed retainer may be worn for life but may need rebonding occasionally because hard foods can chip away at the bonding materials. If your orthodontic treatment has caused a big change in teeth alignment, there is a higher risk of relapse. Fixed retainers are a good choice in this case. Our dentist bonds the fixed retainer to the lingual surface of your front teeth to provide them with the support needed and ensure they maintain their job of keeping the teeth aligned.

After receiving your fixed retainer in Los Gatos, we advise using a special flossing toothbrush to eradicate plaque building up around the retainer. Due to the challenges of flossing, we also recommend that you come in for professional cleaning every three to six months.

A removable retainer, on the other hand, can be removed. It is an ideal choice when moderate or small changes have occurred in teeth alignment. Removable retainers comprise the traditional acrylic with wire, but sometimes you can get clear retainers similar to Invisalign.

Clear retainers are much more common because they are not easily noticeable, and the clear plastic is quite strong to withstand grinding and biting forces.

Get Orthodontic Retainers in Los Gatos on the Same Day of Appointment

Once you have completed your orthodontic treatment, getting teeth retainers in Los Gatos is important. Our practice provides the retainers on the same day of your appointment. Our local dentist will check your teeth alignment and recommend the most appropriate dental retainer near you in Los Gatos, CA.

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