Pediatric Dentistry Specializing in Oral-Care for Children

Pediatric Dentistry Specializing in Oral-Care for Children

February 1, 2022

Pediatric dentists are specialists who aim to make the oral health of children better -from birth to adult. They have the training and proficiency to look after a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth at all growth phases.

Children need to develop their baby teeth during the first six months of life. After that, they start to lose their initial set of teeth at 6 or 7, later replaced by secondary, permanent teeth.

Why Are Pediatric Dentistry Treatments Necessary for Children?

The acids that bacteria release chip away at the tooth enamel over time, producing cavities. Dental caries not only harms our health but may also be excruciatingly painful.

The bacteria, acid, food, and saliva mixture form “plaque”. The plaque sticks to the teeth. Kids that do not get sufficient dental care risk developing oral illness and decay. It leads to a lifetime of pain and severe consequences.

Early childhood dental caries is an infectious condition. It’s now five times more common as compared to asthmatic children and seven times more common as compared to hay fever in kids.

Our children dentists are experts in pediatric dentistry in Los Gatos. They know all aspects of oral health treatment for children who are still growing. Depending on each kid’s needs and medical history, pediatric dental experts can handle a variety of operations.

Types of Treatments Provided by Pediatric Dentists

In this section, we will mention some key specialties of Paediatric dentistry:

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that can be found in soil and rocks. After thorough teeth cleaning, dental hygienists administer external fluoride to your child’s teeth during checkups.

It helps to prevent cavities and keeps the primary tooth surface strong. In addition to this, fluoride prevents the creation and buildup of dental plaque. It leads to tooth diseases over time.

Cavity Fillings for Baby Teeth

If a baby tooth is significantly decaying or destroyed due to an injury, it may need to be pulled. A leading cause for extractions is over-retention, which occurs when primary teeth relax and then tighten back into the gum. It inhibits the emergence of adult dentition.

Early childhood caries (ECC) are light brown and frequently occur on main molar biting surfaces. They can also form on the teeth in front of the mouth, such as the incisors and canines.

In addition, bacteria from untreated tooth decay in the primary tooth might spread to other teeth. It causes more deadly oral diseases. There are two restoration treatment methods available for children to prevent the spread of cavities. They include – amalgam fillings and composite fillings.

Baby Tooth Extractions

If a baby tooth is significantly decaying or destroyed due to an injury, it may need to be pulled. Another cause for baby tooth pulling is over-retention. It occurs when primary teeth relax and then shrink back into the gums. This blocks the development of permanent teeth.

Space Maintainers

When a youngster loses a primary tooth early due to decay, illness, or trauma, space maintainers are frequently used to keep the gums open. Then, as permanent teeth emerge, space maintainers avoid crowding and imbalance.

Stainless Steel Crowns

SSCs are metal caps that treat decay, broken, or fractured infant molars. Because SSCs are durable and strong, they are usually the next best option for restoring a child’s tooth if cavity fillings are likely to fail.

Stainless steel crowns can also be used to restore and protect a child’s permanent teeth until a permanent crown is made. However, because SSCs are stronger than other crowns, adults cannot place them on their permanent dentition.

Pediatric Dentist Near You Can Provide the Best Care for Children

Children are not to be mistaken for small adults. Throughout a dental exam, they are often not capable of being patient and helpful. Dental clinic offering pediatric dentistry near you understands how to examine and treat children in a pleasant way.

A skilled pediatric dentist also employs specially built equipment in their office set up designed specifically for youngsters.

Get In Touch Today to Offer the Best for Your Kid

Mountain Bay Dental Implants and Orthodontics provides your kid with a variety of treatment options. So, when your pediatrician recommends a dental exam for your kid, you can relax knowing that a pediatric dentist near you will give the best treatment available. Each pediatric expert has the experience and training necessary to care for their teeth, gums, and mouth.

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