Dentist Near Sunnyvale, CA, USA

A Trusted General Dentist Near Sunnyvale

When it comes to receiving dental care, you are in safe hands with our team at Mountain Bay Dental. We take every aspect of oral health seriously because we understand that the little problems you neglect can be the cause of your tooth loss and the need for dental implants or the need to receive complex procedures like root canal therapy. We provide:

Preventive care and diagnoses – Our dentist near Sunnyvale is committed to averting dental problems. We do sealants, mouthguards, oral exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment, and oral cancer screenings. We know prevention is the approach in dental care and always better than cure.

Restorative treatments – Dental issues will likely arise even with the best and strictest oral hygiene and dental cleanings. We do fillings if cavitated teeth are ruining your oral health. We also do dental implants once you have lost your real teeth. Our gum disease treatment involves cleaning the tooth surfaces using scaling and root planing techniques.

Cosmetic treatments – You can receive teeth whitening, bonding, and veneers to conceal flaws like heavy stains, chippings, fractures, and unevenly shaped teeth from our dentist near you.

Visit us at Mountain Bay Dental to discover our assortment of dental treatments or procedures!

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