Dentist Near South San Jose

Comprehensive, Personalized Dental Care Near South San Jose

We provide the most practical solutions for treating and preventing cavities, tooth loss, gum damage or infection, and wearing down the teeth’s enamel. Our dentist near you inspects your mouth, looking for clues of gum, teeth, and bone deterioration. Contact Mountain Bay Dental to begin your journey to preserve teeth and gums’ health and elegant look. Our assortment of dental procedures includes:

Protective Dentistry

We can avert dental issues like cavities, gum inflammation, decay, recessed gums, or eroded enamel with our preventive care. We paint tooth sealants, fit mouthguards, do exams, cleanings, or even fluoride treatments, and perform oral cancer screenings.

Restorative Dentistry

Timely diagnosis and early treatment of oral issues promote a healthy, strong, and attractive smile. Our restorative dentist near South San Jose brings hands-on skills and experience to tackle your dental concerns. We provide root canal therapy near you, helping treat infected, inflamed, or injured pulp tissue. We also fit bridges, dentures, and implants when your natural teeth are missing.

Cosmetic Care

We revamp your smile by offering cosmetic treatments ranging from veneers to professional teeth whitening and bonding. Contact us at Mountain Bay Dental!

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