Dentist Near Glenwood, CA, USA

Your General and Cosmetic Dentistry Services Near Glenwood

We are trusted by many families when it comes to delivering comprehensive, personalized treatments and preventive care near Glenwood. Every trip to our dental clinic signifies your commitment to promoting oral health. We take the journey of having healthy, strong, and gorgeous pearly whites and gums seriously and walk with you through the good and bad times. Our services comprise:

Diagnoses and preventive treatments – Routine trips for cleanings and exams in our dental office near Glenwood are essential to maintaining healthy bites and smiles. We perform prophylaxis to eliminate the constantly forming biofilm and tartar, fissure sealants, and treat the teeth with fluoride.

Restorative treatments – Seeking treatment for cavities, oral disease, or enamel erosion helps avert additional damage. We provide treatment for cavitated teeth using fillings or even crowns. We use root canals to avoid losing teeth to decay, trauma, or cavities.

Aesthetic dental procedures – We want your teeth to regain their shiny look. As such, we do teeth whitening and veneers, and we can cover imperfections like small fractures, chips, discolorations, and misshapen teeth.

Talk to our dentist near Glenwood for emergency dental care and other treatments at Mountain Bay Dental Implants and Orthodontics!

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