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A Canker Sore Cure! Understanding the Causes and Best Treatment Options

A Canker Sore Cure! Understanding the Causes and Best Treatment Options

March 13, 2023

Adolescence is when these tiny, round, or oval yellowish lesions first develop. If you experience mouth pain, it can be due to a canker sore. You already know how painful canker sores can be if you’ve ever had one. More than half of the population suffers from this one of the most prevalent oral conditions.

In most cases, it begins with a tingling sensation. Stress, acidic feasts, and minor oral wounds are the things that could cause such an infection. As a result of the discomfort, some people could find it difficult to speak, eat, or drink.

The Causes of Canker Sores: What You Need to Know?

The cause of most canker sores is not known. Plenty of factors might make them show up. It can be challenging to identify the precise reason behind a canker sore. In straightforward cases, stress or minor oral injuries are the most typical causes. The following are some examples of canker sore causes:

  • Acidic fruits and vegetables
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Oral cancer
  • Medications
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Toothpaste containing sodium laurel sulfate

Although many blame deficiencies in B12, zinc, iron, or folic acid for reoccurring canker sores, other underlying health conditions may also cause them. Patients with immune system disorders like AIDS, lupus, and inflammatory bowel diseases can occasionally develop complex canker sores. If you frequently experience canker sores, let our dentists know. They are experts in periodontics in Los Gatos and will help you treat them effectively.

Preventing Canker Sores: Tips and Strategies for Avoiding Recurring Sores

There are certain things you can do to stop canker sores from returning if your selected treatment for them was effective. The best course of action is to prevent canker sores because of pain and scarring. For chronic canker sores, the dentist or doctor may prescribe strong prescription medicines. A list of a few effective canker sore treatments is below:

DIY Mouth Rinse

You can hasten the healing process by lowering the acidity levels in your mouth. Although you shouldn’t apply DIY mouth rinse directly, salt or baking soda is good. Instead, gargle for 30 seconds with a solution containing one cup of warm water and one teaspoon of salt. With a little water and baking soda, you can produce a paste that you can use as needed.

Milk of Magnesia

Similar to salt, milk of magnesia neutralizes oral acids. Apply a small amount with a cotton pad to the canker sore a few times daily. It has also demonstrated that milk of magnesia can hasten the healing process while reducing discomfort.


Ice packs are a fantastic way to relieve swelling, especially for lip sores. To prevent frostbite, wrap the ice in a towel or cloth. The cold from the ice packs will help to reduce pain instantly.

Medicated Mouthwash

A medicated rinse might be the best treatment if your canker sores are persistent or severe. Dexamethasone-containing mouthwashes are excellent for situations of multiple sores. A drug similar to cortisone called dexamethasone treats inflamed areas. Tetracycline-containing mouthwashes have been found in studies to lessen pain in as little as 24 hours and speed up the healing process.

Aloe Vera

It has been shown that aloe’s anti-inflammatory qualities can cure stomach ulcers. The patient can consume the cool gel to reduce stomach acid levels and soothe the pain.

When to See a Doctor for Canker Sores? When to Seek Professional Treatment?

You may require additional therapy if you have a canker sore that does not heal after using over-the-counter or home remedies. Consult experts at Los Gatos dentistry or a dermatologist if your canker sore:

  • Is unusually large
  • Lasts two weeks or longer
  • Spreads to the lips
  • Makes it difficult to eat or drink
  • Causes fever.

It’s crucial to see a doctor who can recommend the best treatment. Call your dentist if you have:

  • A canker sore that persists for at least 14 days or is deteriorating.
  • A canker sore that expands or is disproportionately huge.
  • Canker sore eruptions regularly.
  • Extreme uncontrollable suffering.
  • Extremely challenging to eat or drink.
  • Fever.

If you have a lot of canker sores, they ache a lot, or they continually return, you should visit Mountain Bay Dental immediately. The professional can determine the cause of your cankers and recommend the most effective course of therapy.

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